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Extracting crude oil from reservoirs and using flood water in a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly way


Vortex flow in the device changes the cluster composition of water, breaking oil and mineral droplets in it


Residual oil droplets, minerals and salts are crushed into smaller particles enabling the water to continue to penetrate into the micro-pores in the oil-rich layers


Water continues to be efficient for more pumping cycles in pushing out the oil


Only pressure, flowrate and laws of physics are used

New Generation of Equipment

Our Advantages

Due to the effect of «crushing» all residuals into smaller particles, the oil production process will no longer require any additional components, that are usually used at the mature oil fields and may cause interruptions of the process. Our main advantage – Vortex device does its primary job on the background, without any stoppages of the production/injection wells, causing a constant positive effect along the process. The efficiency of the water will be prolonged up to 4x, helping you optimize other working processes due to freed up time-slots. Moreover, it is an entirely eco-friendly tool, that will not cause any negative effects to our environment.

No stops in well’s operation

Long-term effect

Guaranteed results

Ecologically friendly

About Us

Vortex Oil Engineering S.A (VOE) is a Warsaw-based O&G start-up company that developed new generation of equipment for energy saving and environmentally friendly improved oil recovery.


We Are Designing, Engineering & Producing

VOE designs, engineers and produces Vortex equipment, which is installed directly into injection well's injection pipeline and acts as a hydroacoustic mill, destroying large residual oil and mineral particles in the produced injection water flow. The equipment is CFD modelled and allows to boost oil extraction in water flooded fields without switching to tertiary IOR.

TRL level 9

Long lasting


1M €

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Product and the range of application

The main product of Vortex Oil Engineering is a “Vortex device”, which is integrated directly into the injection waterline near the injection well’s x-mass tree.

The device consists of a casing with appropriate flanges (flat or welding neck) with sealing rings and a Vortex chamber, which is an active part of the device, being installed inside the casing. The minimal operating conditions for an injection well to be fitted with a Vortex device can be listed as >60m3/ day injection rate per one injection well at >55-60 bars of pressure. Once installed, a device does not require any external power supply to operate, nor it requires frequent maintenance due to the absence of moving parts, as the technology utilizes the injection pressure and the flow rate inside the pipe as the main sources of energy.

Technology Explained

Vortex Oil IOR technology is designed to dramatically improve the efficiency of a waterflooding method used in oil production (Fig.1). The technology is based on a novel way of forming vortex flux in the water-injection pipes right before the water gets into the injection wells. This specific flow is formed in a vortex chamber, working as a mill, generator of vortexes and hydroacoustic vibrations at a given water flow rate. When flowing through the vortex device, the injection water is swirled into a vortex and starts spinning dynamically and vibrating acoustically. Specially matched parameters of the vortex and acoustic frequencies reduce the sizes of residuals in the flooding water (such as residual oil, sand, minerals, and salts) significantly. Furthermore, if installed downhole, generated vibrations spread throughout oil reservoir, increase effective permeability of the reservoir, and prevent coagulation of colloid and dispersed systems in the reservoir fluid. Therefore, this helps to sustain lower viscosity of a fluid in the reservoir, to increase current oil production and reduce water cut in water drive reservoirs.


Our Team

Our leadership team is made up of people who epitomize this aspiration, more than half of whom have been members of the Proponent team for over a decade.

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CEO, Co-founder

Sergey Jakimov

MA in Law and Finance Specialises in business development, sales channel building, company management. Baltic Forbes 30under30 in Energy and Medical Sciences.

team member image

Martins Stirans

MA in Economics Twenty years in the oil industry, experienced senior executive. Chairman of the board at “The Latvian fuel traders association”.

team member image

Jury Novakovsky

Reservoir Engineer, Geologist, 30 years of experience in IOR method application and oil services with related patents. Director of “Sibneftgaz Research and Production Ltd.”

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Expert, Co-founder

Alexander Kvashnin

Ph.D Civil Engineering Leading Scientist of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science. The author of 4 patents. Former Deputy Director in Skolkovo.

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CFO, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Alexander Mokrecki

MA in Economics, Highly proficient in investment analysis and financial management.

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Managing Director Poland

Waldemar Bąk

M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering, over 25 years of experience in Oil & Gas industry, expert in development and management of Oil and & Gas reservoirs, Former Branch Managing Director of Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG), GLG Council Member and Atheneum Partners Advisor, Member of the Group of Experts on Gas in United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in Geneva, enthusiast of innovation technologies.

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